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    Guitar Setups & Repair

    New Englands finest technicians to care for your guitar.

Guitar Repair

From basic setups to repairing broken guitar necks, we can breathe new life into any instrument. Guitar repairs can be dropped off anytime, but it's advisable to consult with the shop regarding lead times.

Amplifier Repair

We are an authorized repair dealer for many top brands. Amplifier repairs are by appointment only, so please contact our tech shop by phone to schedule a time to bring in your repair.

Electronics Repair

Keyboards, amps, effects—name the issue, and we've likely seen it. Please contact our tech shop by phone to schedule a time to bring in your repair.

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Recent Works

1960 Fender Stratocaster Restoration
Vintage Fender Strat

1960 strat restoration. Mission impossible: make it blue again. A lot of careful wet sanding ahead...

Gibson Les Paul Neck Repair

Brand new damaged in Shipping, Doug and the Techs are on it!

Acoustic Guitar Refret
Full Neck Reset

Acoustic guitar neck angle reset. A small hole is drilled in the fret slot into the dovetail / neckblock void. Just part of the process...

Vintage guitar pickup restoration Repair
Kay Pickup Restoration

This old Kay pickup was dead with no output. Restored to its former glory and then some!

Ukrainian Bandura Instrument Repair Services
Ukrainian Bandura

A Ukrainian Bandura in for crack repairs and a full set of new strings ordered from the Ukrain. it's played like a harp ands a bit like a harpsichord or a hammer dulcimer.

Violin Repair

It's not all amps and guitars up here at The Music Techs. Check out this Violin that Doug turned into a show stopper!

Custom Instrument Repair
Custom Project

A customer actually made this and did an excellent job. He didn't have experience with doing the finish including the expense of supplies and equipment so he asked us to help.

Vintage Instrument Repair
Classic Beauty

Recently a nice 1930s Epiphone master built zenith came into the shop. We gave it some needed tlc...playing great now!